It's called 'perpy' simply because I abbreviated from Perpetual motion.I save as I go into files as it can prevent loss of many hours of work to create these gifs. The idea behind it was just to see the result when I played with time. I often go with a feeling and see where it leads me, as I did with this. If you are able to view the frames of gif you'll see how there are 3 rotations within the gif to complete one cycle of 12 frames. You'll also see how with relevance to the solstice equinox I joined numbers, i.e first frame is all the threes, second all the sixes, plus the forward path=future i.e March=3 to June=6 and past . When you can view them all together working as one, you get what you are viewing above. If you can view the first frame (still image) is showing the last =12 and future = 3 to 6=March to June and past of 9 to the 12 = September to December, the last alignment made was 9 to 12 = 21. 21 has relevance to dates within the solstice equinox cycle.