The chart shows absolute perfect relevance, am amazed just how much actually. can you see how N and S each have a 120 from the N and S point to the alignment=240 between them, relative to the whole hue of one quarter of chart N and S has 180 degrees distance between them. 240-180=60 60 (both ends of the tilt is in the ‘60’ hue of chart) 60X60=3600 The tilt alignment is in the 4th place = 60 hue 1+2+3+4 = 10 South = the same = 20 with both 240 ¸ divide 20 = 12 = 12 months of chart Solstice and equinox = 21st other than September which falls on the 23rd (relative to the axial tilt ;-)) The image above shows 2X21 with 777. Can you see?) 21 breaks down to 3 = East in the WW chart The meaning of life (ever heard the saying?) = 42 yet 2X21=42