Scotsdale to Launceston was one of the most challenging and difficult rides I can remember doing. It was completely due to the weather, although I think parts of this ride would be challenging in any conditions. As it was, the misty cloud and drizzle which had plagued us at times up to Scottsdale, now gave way to full on rain and thick cloud. The road was wet and slippery, littered with bark and gravel, helmet visors were fogging up in addition to the real fog which sat on the road, and we were traversing mountain passes with hairpin bends and steep drop-offs on one side and cliff faces on the other. Some hair-pin approaches had streams of muddy water flowing across them, and in an attempt to see better I flipped open my visor, but couldn’t maintain it as the drops of rain hammered into my eyes. I really wasn’t sure we were coming off those mountains in one piece! Somehow, however, we finally found the open plains and the rain eased off, and we could give the bikes a decent squirt and lose that annoying P-plater who’d been on and off my clacker for the last 30km!